Starcraft 2 & Fighting Games : Spring Tournament! [April 28th]

Starcraft 2 & Fighting Games : Spring Tournament! [April 28th]

This tournament will take place at the Matrix Gaming Center on April 28th at noon! Brackets are locked and games start at 1.

Starcraft 2
So we decided on a Map Pool.. MLG/GSL/whatever versions of the following…

Cloud Kingdom
Shakuras Plateau
Antiga Shipyard
Tal’Darim Altar LE

Tourney format will be Swiss that seeds into a top 4 bracket (or if we get a shit ton of people, a top 8 bracket)..Bracket will look like this..

#1 rank vs #4 rank
#2 rank vs #3 rank

All Swiss match games will be Best of 3 matches with a set starting map for that round (that will cycle as we go through the rounds, example: Round 1 every match starts on Cloud Kingdom, Round 2 every match starts on Metal, etc. ) after that the loser picks the next map out of the map pool (maps cannot be played twice in a single match).
Round 1 of playoff bracket will be Best of 5.

Finals will be best of 7.

Computers have keyboard and mouse (Keyboard is saitech something, mouse is a nice Logitech something or other) but have only external speakers.. YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN EARPHONES/HEADSET.. you are more than welcome to bring your own keyboard and mouse (I do because I hate using anything else) but if you don’t want to, I assure you their equipment is good.

Generic FG:
Games played:

EVO tournament rules
bracketed system (i think)

more info to come

I have decided we will make mandatory pre-registration to make setting up the tournament much easier and can be done ahead of time. This will not force you to pay in advance (if you can, do it) but at least say that you are for sure showing up.

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