U of R vs U of M Live Stream

U of R vs U of M Live Stream

What: live streaming on campus of our matchup with University of Manitoba
Where: CL 312
When: Sunday September 25 at 1:00 for the Pre-show, 2:00 for the live games
Cost: Free

Hello All,

Our second matchup of the season, come on out to make this even more successful than the last one.  We are playing against the University of Manitoba, so come on out and cheer our 1-0 team to another victory!  We will be holding a live streaming event on campus in CL312.  This will be on Sunday at 2:00, the pre-game show will start at 1:00, so come on out.  Our pre-game will have some instruction from our very own CLS Manager, Chaos, as well as some commentating on the matchup, so it should be good.  the matchups are as follows:

U of R             vs.          U of Manitoba
MilfHunter                     TheTrevor

Jyan                             Draco

Glutenfree                     CrispyTender
Monad                          Vladimir

Pile                               Roman

We will be showing live in-game camera in the classroom, as well as having a delayed stream available online.

If you would like pizza, please email uofrcsl@gmail.com so that we can get an estimate of how many people would be interested.  We will split the costs evenly between anyone who partakes.

I look forward to seeing you all out!

Dan Gienow
Events Coordinator, U of R Starcraft Club

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