GSL Barcraft October 21st

GSL Barcraft October 21st

The GSL finals barcraft will be held at Brewsters South Regina on friday October 21st at  830pm.  This is your chance to watch a premier tournament with fellow starcraft friends (while enjoying a pint!)

Brewsters Brewing Co. & Restaurant on South Albert, Regina.
4180 Albert Street, Regina
Ph: (306) 757-2739

We have one side of the restaurant reserved, it will be through the glass door on your right as soon as you enter the restaurant. It will be hard to miss the room full of guys wearing Team Liquid shirts watching SC2 !

8:30PM – 11:00PM on Friday, Oct 21

Anyone who wants to come! Don’t feel nervous if you don’t know many people from the forums or CSL club, a lot of us are just getting to know each other and more the merrier! Even if you don’t play Starcraft and are just somewhat interested to see what it is all about come on out and introduce yourself over a beer! I personally know of people who are coming that don’t play the game or just started playing the game, watching Starcraft is highly entertaining and doing so over some drinks even more so! This venue is open to all ages! which is one of the main reasons we chose it, so if you are not 19 don’t worry! You can come eat, and drink soda or milk or whatever it is kids are enjoying these days! This is our first event and we want it to be a hit so PLEASE come out and bring as many people with you as possible!

Barcraft is the slang term coined by the StarCraft community for getting together at a bar or pub and watching a Starcraft event over some drinks! If you haven’t looked into it much or feel somewhat nervous about doing something like this, don’t! Barcraft is blowing up all over the world right now and has even gotten front page attention from major news publications such as the Wall Street Journal , Edmonton Journal, Toronto Star, and Forbes among many others.

Venue Information Brewsters is a great restaurant with a nice atmosphere and an extensive selection of on tap beers, including a wide variety of their own micro brews. The matches will be shown on a large number of big screen LCD televisions! Once again this venue is open to all ages!!

Information about GSL!
The Global Starcraft League(GSL) is Korea’s major starcraft league, and the most prestigious starcraft league in the world. All of the top players play a tournament bracket, until two players are left. The Grand finals for GSL October will be hosted at Blizzcon, along with ladder finals.

Hope to see you all there!!

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