Battlefield 3 Saskatchewan Server

Battlefield 3 Saskatchewan Server

Battlefield 3 was released on October 25th and already Saskatchewan gamers have set up a dedicated server called “Saskatchewan War Zone CA”.

Saskatchewan War Zone CA –
Map Rotation – TBD (Most likely mixed-mode)

I currently set the server up for 32 players as I was unsure how many people would want to play.
If we can keep the server full and/or there is more demand for player slots.. I will glady increase the server up to 64.

Hosted on NFO’s Premium Seattle Servers

Sasktel pings around 65ms
Access/Shaw pings around 45ms

Help spread the word!
Ranked BF3 servers require 8 players to begin a game, so the more people that know about the server the better. Once a game is running, the server will naturally get people joining.

Original post by: bcasey

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